According to our mission we strive for being the number one partner for our customer's success.
Besides innovation and reliability, quality is essential to this maxim.

Quality means that our customers are satisfied and that their expectations are met. The guarantors for the high quality of our components and systems assembly are our high skilled and qualified employees.

Quality is also based on continuously control, questioning and improvement of products and processes.

Materials, components and production processes are based on ECSS standards. Among others this includes
ESA qualified techniques for PCB assembly,
an ESA qualified production line for printed circuit boards,
ESA approved outgassing test facilities
an ESA qualified assembly line for the MHIC product line and the HDI RF-Systems in Package products using LTCC multilayer technology.

Certification in accordance with EN 9100

Since 1994, the Tesat's (quality) management system is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001. Since October 2006, we maintain a certification to the aerospace standard EN9100, which links global customers and suppliers in a continuous quality chain. This European Standard is equivalent to the American AS9100 and the Asian JISQ9100 standards.

In the continuous development of quality standards at Tesat we see the tangible benefit to get products and processes even more efficient and effective.

Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025

Tesat's measurement equipment maintenance and calibration laboratory is accredited to DIN EN ISO 17025 for selected measurements since August 2003. Therefore the standard of our calibration department corresponds with national and international guidelines. In addition to the Tesat internal use, we offer this resource as a service for external customers as well.


Tesat is the global leader for satellite-based communication technology.

As a pioneer in the world of satellite communication, one question spurs us on: How will the requirements, concepts, and solutions to satellite communication (in short SATCOM 2020) look like in the future?

In addition to the classic radio-based technology, Tesat is focusing on laser-based communication technology. Tesat's key technologies and innovations, which are paving the way for the future, are:
Flexible High-Power Amplifiers

TWTA´s (Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers)

As global market leader of tube amplifiers, we continuously work on improving the capacity, efficiency, and flexibility in operation of this equipment technology to further increase customer value. Highly efficient, high-performance linearizing technologies are key technologies within this product segment where Tesat is conducting research and development.

SSPA´s (Solid State Power Amplifiers)

High-power amplifiers based on semiconductor components are also under continuous improvement at Tesat. The application of new semiconductor materials such as GaN (gallium nitride) combined with new assembly technologies for space such as LTCC (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic) will expand the boundaries of performance and potential applications.
Flexible High-Power Filter Arrays
Laser Communication Terminal
Highly efficient modulating, coding, and accessing techniques
EEE (Electric, Electronic, Electromechanic) Components
Innovative Communication Payloads