Company Overview

Over the course of five decades, Tesat has developed in-depth expertise in manufacturing of payload equipment for communication satellites and has established itself as a clear European market leader. On its 60,000m² premises in Backnang, Germany, about 1,000 employees develop, assemble, integrate, and test systems and equipment for telecommunication via satellite. To date, more than 700 space projects have been completed.

Our product offerings encompass highly reliable equipment as for example the travelling wave tube amplifiers, multiplexers, waveguide switches, and modulators, which along with complete systems are delivered globally to all leading satellite manufacturers. Therefore, we offer the complete communication technology necessary, to for example emit television signals over the antenna of a satellite to each household. More than half of all communication satellites in orbit have Tesat equipment on board.

We are convinced that in future global communication will only be viable with the incorporation of space. Therefore, as the first organization in the world, we are developing and delivering equipment for optical broadband communication in space. Using laser, these terminals can transmit data and images between satellites and from satellites to earth. Advantages of laser communication are, for example, the high transfer rate of 5.5 Gbps (equivalent to 200,000 pages of information per second) and its stability.

Given our competitive position in the commercial satellite market and the quality standards required of us there, our products are now used more frequently in the various satellite-based systems of the security and defense sectors in Germany, Europe, and the United States.

In addition to our technical expertise, we cultivate our standing in Backnang through social engagement and by supporting public projects.

Dr. Marc Steckling

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the board


Kerstin Basche

Chief Financial Officer


Ralf Zimmermann

Chief Programs Officer




we will endeavor to find innovative solutions by actively exploring and pursuing new ideas


we will act as an independent supplier to ensure the success of our customers
we will offer individual solutions for today's and future needs of space travel
we understand quality and reliability as our commitment


we are committed to strict adherence to all applicable legal and ethical standards and handle natural resources with the greatest of care and stewardship
we will establish new standards in technology, series production and digitization for space industry
we will improve efficiency by mastering our value chain and focusing on our core business


we will master changes and seek new solutions that go beyond today's state of the art


we are in direct personal contact with our globally operating customers and suppliers and will work trustfully and performance-oriented with them together
with our communications products, we will contribute to global understanding between people across the world
we will continue to invest in the education and training of our workforce


Allgemeine Electricitäts-Gesellschaft Fernmeldetechnik


Telefunken GmbH

AEG Telefunken

AEG Telefunken AG

AEG Telefunken Nachrichtentechnik GmbH

ANT Nachrichtentechnik

ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH

Bosch Telecom

Bosch Telecom GmbH

Bosch Satcom

Bosch Satcom GmbH


Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co. KG


EN 9100 certified management system

Direct reporting line to the CEO

Materials, components and production processes are based on ECSS-Standards

ESA qualified lines for PWB production and PCB assembly

ESA Capability approval for the microwave manufacturing Line

Metrology and calibration lab accredited to ISO17025

 Certification in accordance with EN 9100

Certification in accordance with EN 9100

Since 1994, the Tesat's (quality) management system is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001. Since October 2006, we maintain a certification to the aerospace standard EN9100, which links global customers and suppliers in a continuous quality chain. This European Standard is equivalent to the American AS9100 and the Asian JISQ9100 standards.

In the continuous development of quality standards at Tesat we see the tangible benefit to get products and processes even more efficient and effective.


Accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005

Accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005

Tesat's calibration laboratory is accredited to DIN EN ISO 17025:2005 for selected measurements since August 2003. Therefore the standard of our calibration department corresponds with national and international guidelines. In addition to the Tesat internal use, we offer this resource as a service for external customers as well.


  • In space communication, we pioneer with passion and strive to be the number one partner for your success. Our solutions set standards that open borders, and connect people worldwide.

  • Tesat understand itself as Europe's largest equipment supplier in the field of satellite communications and serves the global market with a regional emphasis on Europe, North America, and the Far East.

    The market for satellite communications can be essentially divided into three segments:

    • commercial applications
    • civil applications e.g. earth observations for scientific purposes,
    • exploration of space and military communications, such as remote sensing

    The most important application for commercial satellite communication is the distribution of TV channels that are received in tens of millions of households via satellite system operators, either directly or through cable networks. They allow direct transfers of news and sports programs. But also the development of devices for data and video communications has changed the applications of communications satellites in different market segments significantly.

  • The ongoing conflict and extreme violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is fueled in part by the trade of "conflict minerals", which are defined as tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold as well as any of their derivatives (3TG).

    Since Barack Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010, every company traded on American stock exchanges has been required to look into the origin of conflict minerals in their supply chains and report on the reasonable inquiry and due diligence in order to determine whether their purchases supported armed groups in the DRC and adjoining countries.

    Consequently the U.S. law mentioned above does not only impact U.S. companies but a much larger number of companies worldwide.



Tesat flexible SmallGEO Payload on Hispasat 36W-1


Start of Service of the new SpaceDataHighway / EDRS (European Data Relay Satellite System)


Alphasat: First GEO-/LEO-ISL over a distance of 40,000 km


Tesat manufactures the 10,000th EPC


Tesat’s first Optical Relay Payload on Alphasat


NFIRE: First flight of Tesat‘s LCT (First ISL with TerraSAR-X in 2008)


SAR-Lupe: Major Supplier for first Bundeswehr Satellite


Main Contractor for Deutsche Telekom Kopernikus Satellites


Intelsat IV: The first space project


12,000 m²

Clean Room Area

12,000 m²

Technical & Laboratory Area

60,000 m²

Total Area