Fields of Activity


Design, manufacturing and test of equipments like SSPAs, MPMs, Filters, Multiplexers etc.

Design, manufacturing and test of Subassemblies like I/O-Networks, Multiport Amplifier etc.

End-to-end performance analysis and payload engineering

High volume production and short delivery times

Telemetry and Telecommand solutions

Secure Communication
Telecommunication Services
Multimedia Services
QKD Ready


Leading manufacturer of high power amplifiers and passive assemblies for navigation payloads

Design support for coding transmission, group delay variations and accuracy calculation

Design, manufacturing and test of inter-satellite links

Telemetry, Telecommand and Ranging solutions

For Air, Sea & Land
Traffic Monitoring
Aviation Security
Environmental Disasters

Earth Observation

Data Downlink Subsystems

Equipment and Subassemblies for instruments e.g. pulsed TWTA

Laser communication portfolio for data relay and direct data downlink solutions

Telemetry, Telecommand and Ranging solutions

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance
Crisis Intervention
Environmental Observation
Search & Rescue Missions


Design, manufacturing and test of mission specific equipments and instruments

Communication equipment for demanding missions to Moon, Mars, Jupiter and beyond

Enabler for optical communication to ISS

Reference laser for gravity measurements and LIDAR missions

RF solutions for high data rate downlinks

Deepspace Missions
Support for ISS
Atmospheric Investigation
Advanced Astrophysics