Our hardware is a key enabler for achieving global awareness of security. Coordination of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance is vital for preparedness of worldwide operations and national intelligence requirements, assuring safety and security.

In order to be able to initiate coordinated relief measures in the event of environmental disasters within a very short time, it is necessary to keep track of the prevailing situation. Our earth observation services and products help deliver near real-time images and data to emergency workers and relief organizations, saving the lives of many.

To prevent environmental catastrophes, satellites in low-earth orbits map, analyze and measure our planet every day. Accurate and reliable data is the be-all and end-all from which environmental monitoring organizations can detect deviations or dangers early enough to take preventative measures in near-emergency situations.

At search and rescue missions every second counts to save the lives of people at risk or to prevent them from getting worse. Our technology helps coordinate data from almost anywhere in the world in near real-time and initiate remedial action.